Apollo Construction

Apollo Construction is specialized in Government properties and facilities improvements, new commercial properties construction, and renovations. Their primary goal of meeting customers’ construction needs through quality workmanship and successful relationships with owner management teams

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RESIDENTIAL Crafting homes through expansion, improvement, and new construction. COMMERCIAL Transforming commercial spaces with additions, renovations, and more. INSTITUTIONAL Empowering educational institutes through renovation

New construction encompasses the meticulous preparation of sites and the construction of entirely novel structures or substantial extensions to pre-existing ones, regardless of prior occupancy on the site

In essence, dilapidated buildings or poorly maintained houses are often categorized as being in a state of disrepair. To renovate a house or building is to breathe new life into that structure, revitalizing it from its dilapidated state.

What We Do

Specializing in the enhancement of DC government facilities, retail market establishments, and commercial properties

Our Goal

Apollo Construction’s paramount objective is to fulfill customers’ construction requirements through unparalleled workmanship and quality.

What We Offer

Apollo Construction provides comprehensive Capital Construction, Preconstruction Services, meticulous Job Site and Project Management, dedicated Administrative Support, and precise Document Control solutions.

How We Evaluate

Apollo Construction meticulously evaluates projects for constructability, delivers accurate cost estimates, maintains rigorous project scheduling, and collaborates closely with owners to achieve quality and time objectives.

How We Can Help

Apollo Construction excels in suggesting cost-effective construction methods and meticulously selects the optimal subcontractors for each project, ensuring efficiency and quality throughout.
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